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by Anne Ku

Copyright Anne Ku, 1999, 2000

Thoughts about composing

And This Is Love

Okinawa, 1980

early composition about first love

vocal, accompaniment

Of the Class of 82

Okinawa, 1982

class song for soprano, alto, flute, guitar, and piano

vocal, accompaniment

Patty My Friend

Houston, 1997

a tribute to classmate and friend, Patty Brightwell Wallace Vaughan

vocal, accompaniment

St Valentine's

Houston, 1997

in loving memory of Hiroko

piano solo,  debut in Cartagena, Colombia with cello

Ides of March

Houston, 1997

the rain in Houston falls not mainly on the plains

vocal, accompaniment

Slagelse Lied

Denmark, 1998

for Claus and Lilian

piano solo

Year of the Tiger

London, 1998

dedicated to Jackie and Jason

piano solo, debut at their wedding

Full Moon on Maui

Maui, 1999

piano solo

February Sun

London, 2000

for all the birthdays in February

piano solo

Making Magic

London, 2000

inspired by Vikram Seth's "An Equal Music"

piano solo (harp recording)

Three Years On

London, 2000

piano solo
(electric piano recording)


London, 2000

the fifth day of the fifth month; fifth day of the week

piano solo (music box and tubular bells recording)

Summer Solstice at Sunset

London, 2000


piano solo (acoustic guitar - nylon strings midi recording)

Winter in July

London, 2000

orchestral harp and vibraphone midi recording

Autumn Shivers

London, 2000

instrumental piece
acoustic piano recording

Disappeared from Earth

London, 2000

words by Pamela L. Grant

for 2 voices and accompaniment

At Arundel

London, 2000

for Elena and Chris in celebration of their marriage on 4 November in Arundel

piano solo

Mister Tidworth

London, 2000

to my ginger cat who sits on my lap as I compose

piano solo

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Important notice
28 October 2004

When the sheet music you see here was first made available on this website, it was free and easy to download entire scores in PDF format. With changing technology, the fonts no longer work.

If you would like the complete score, please e-mail Anne Ku and order her CD from CDBaby. This act of kindness will support her endeavors to compose and arrange, providing more music for all of you.