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The poet Pamela Grant asked me to set her words to music. She wrote this one in memory of Patty Brightwell , my high school classmate and friend.

This is a simple descending scaled tune in alternating A minor and G major chords.

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14 Oct Putting Words to Music


Disappeared from Earth

Lyrics by Pamela L. Grant, Texas 28 July 2000
Music by Anne Ku, London 14 October 2000

4/4 time, A minor, G chords

In our hearts they will live forever
shining their light upon us.
In all the precious memories
the many lives they have touched.

God has his reasons for things
his amazing purposes
While the devil schemes and destroys
building hatred, a murderous heart.

It's so hard to understand
why they were taken from this earth.
Their spirits are now soaring the heavens
in the magnificence of God's love.

Their earthbound flights have ended
while a soul is purely truth
No deeds are left undone
here on earth or in heavens above.