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Diary entry

27 November 2000


Just the Facts

She Walked Above Hearsay

Words by Pamela L. Grant

Music by Anne Ku

My entire Sunday gone, simply because I chose to put the latest poem by Pam on my piano yesterday, so that the first thing I saw when I got up this morning was the lyrics to a new tune.
Or rather, the first thing I heard, was the tune to this song.
I wrote it so I can sing it with my limited alto range. Ideally, I would like to harmonise and orchestrate it for a richer sound.
It's getting close to Christmas, four years after Patty's disappearance. I knew not her choir called PRISM. I knew not her three children or husband. But I do know that she had not merely disappeared. So much effort in finding her body, thus missing the big picture.
Who am I to say? I was not there when she disappeared. I was not there to help look for her. Instead, I am here to keep her memory alive so that she does not become yesterday's news.
26 November 2000

Lyrics correspond to measures

4.She was just beginning, the

5.whole world to explore.

6.God graced her

7.with a song bird's angelic voice.

8.You can hear her echoes the darkness of the night

10.She was modest

11.and unpretentious

12.the beauty of a new dawn a-


16.She believed that

17.everything happens for a

18.reason that the

19.universe holds a

20.higher plan. While we are all con-

21.nected spirits searching.

25.She felt her faith in

26.Jesus will help her with her

27.journey. She was

28.working on going

29.back to school to teach the music her heart.

31.She was not a vengeful person. It

32.took a lot to get her mad

33.with her kind and helpful spirit

34.She put others before herself.

35.She was warm and

36.loving. Her spirit could light

37.up a room. She always found the in things. Opti-

39.mism first.

41.She was there to listen

42.with an open, nonjudgmental view

43.A wonderful person, can count on when you felt the world has the best of you.