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Three Years On

It's the third month of the year.

Three years later.

This piece sounds like a familiar tune I heard somewhere before.  Three years ago, I would have written the lyrics together with the melody.  But now, I am at loss for words, for words cannot describe how I feel.  

It's coming up to the Ides of March - the day the rain flooded the plains in Houston.  The day I rushed back and composed furiously.  Two weeks later - I engaged in an enlightened conversation one night at a party.

A year later I arranged a seven hour lunch at Sesto Senso - celebrating St Patrick's Day.  The earliest of the blue bonnets had just started to flower, near the airport.

A year ago, I launched this website on the Ides of March.

What shall I celebrate this year?  three years on.

London, 14 March 2000