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Bubble bubble, toil and trouble,

Beware the Ides of March.

Little did I know that the rain in Houston fell not on the plain

But flooded it.

I was stuck for two hours in my car.

When I finally waded my way back to my apartment, I heard the water flooding into this piece.

The Ides of March

Words and Music by Anne Ku

4/4 time in C minor

1. Winter goes in the rain down the street to the main road

Flooding all you can see from the sidewalks of Houston

People sit waiting inside their cars or out in the cold

They can't see the end where the traffic begins or ends.

2. Soon the sun starts to linger behind with the moonlight

Setting reluctantly, returning in the morning

Through the clouds it shines brighter than all the stars in the skies

It fights with the wind for the time in the day of dawning.

3. Sometimes it's cloudy all day

Sometimes the wind may blow strong

One never knows for how long

Anything that will stay

Or it will go away

One more time, one more chance.

Copyright Anne Ku, 1998