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Diary entry
13 November
Mister Tidworth

Mister Tidworth

11 November 2000

Scarlatti wrote his famous Cat Fugue using the keys that his cat stepped on. Unfortunately, my cat jumps off the piano as soon as I start to play.

I just have to sit at my piano, touch a few keys, and out comes a melody. This time, I got the rhythm. I had not intended to compose at all. But the progression just came out. Over the next few days, I added some more notes. Before I knew it, I had completed two pages of the manuscript paper I had purchased three years ago in Houston.

I didn't know what to call it. Usually, I would name my compositions after the mood, season, place, or weather. I could call it Wet November. I could call it Swept Away. Flooding is pretty bad in England right now - but somehow this piece is too optimistic for such tales of woe and foreboding.

Let's see. What else is in the news? US presidential elections - no way, I'm not going to call it Gory Bush or the Banana Republic. How about someone's birthday? Somehow most of my friends have their birthdays earlier in the year.

Here comes my ginger tom cat, purring loudly. I shall call it Mister Tidworth, for all the joys he has brought to me.

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