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Other pentatonic pieces:


After a week of surprisingly cold weather, the sun finally emerged on the day seven planets were aligned.  The newspapers had forewarned us of this special day.  I acknowledged whatever significance it was supposed to bring by visiting an esoteric bookshop in town.  Next to it was a second hand sheet music shop where I discovered a piano transcription for Greensleeves - by Vaughan Williams.

The first few bars (arpeggio-like scales) led me to this piece. 

With only one B flat, I managed to create yet another structure - totally freeing me from the past. 

It was the fifth day of the fifth month - and the fifth day of the week.  The pentatonic nature of this progression flowed from my pent-up emotions.  Yet I couldn't get the beat to go in fifths.  Silently it moves.  For lack of a better name, I shall call it "Pentamine" as in pantomime.

6 May 2000