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Support by getting this 80 minute CD
Order yours at CD Baby. or directly from Anne Ku via paypal or electronic bank transfer £10 or $15 each plus postage and packing.

What they said about Anne's music

About Anne Ku

Anne Ku, May 2003 in North Cyprus

What people said about the 80-minute CD

soothing, relaxing, refreshing, original music composed and played by Anne Ku

Thanks for your CD. You play beautifully and are definitely making a living (as energy magazine editor) the wrong way.
John Javetski, New York

Your music simply puts my 6-year-old son, Ming Ren at his best behaviour for he enjoys it so much and just want to concentrate on listening. Sometimes, he would play it over and over for hours.
Joan Yap, Singapore

The CD that you gave me has become the permanent music in my office. If you are doing more recordings, please let me know how I can obtain your latest "hits"!
Jerry Candrilli III, Virginia

I loved your CD! The girls danced to it this morning. It's very beautiful.
Kim (Habedank) Kinnaird, Florida

Each piece even though it covers an emotional moment still had a degree of optimism that everything will turn out ok and which is why it's so easy to listen to in the background or foreground.
Ian Ferguson-Brown, London

I have received your CD and now listening to it. So so inspiring. I'm absolutely awed.
Billy Tan, Malaysia

I am listening to your CD here in the office, you're very talented Anne!!
Steve Purdy, London

We're on our second listening of the CD this morning. Great demonstration of both your compositional and performance skill.
Charlie Vartanian, Southern California

You are truly a renaissance woman - I love the CD.
Kathryn V, London

Your music produce such a wide variety of emotions, I can't begin to convey to you which are my favorites.
John Beachey, Maui


Not about the CD, but about the compositions:

Free Sheet Music Guide's Editor's Picks:
Here you'll find free sheet music for a number of original compositions by composer Anne Ku. Click on the song title link for a song description and links to sound files and scores. Scores available in varying formats, typically *gif or *pdf. Very high quality work.