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The Diary of Anne Ku

4 July 2000 Tuesday


There was a long queue at the airport. Most people were getting into taxi's by themselves. If they shared cabs, not only would the line go faster, it would be cheaper per person, and it might be interesting.

When my turn came, I asked the cab director if I could share with others to downtown Manhattan. An older couple came forward from the back of the queue. Their luggage was three times the size of mine. They had just arrived from Denver and were on their way to Europe via the Queen Elizabeth (luxury cruise). What a nice life to travel in luxury all year round, I thought.

It was Fourth of July and people are supposed to celebrate. Who do I celebrate this day with? Everyone I knew in New York had gone away, leaving a deserted city behind. I didn't want to celebrate with strangers in this humid heat. Out of curiosity, I went to the South Sea Port. It was too crowded for me to stay.

So I went back to the hotel and played the piano until someone asked me to stop. I heard the fireworks. I saw the celebration on TV. It wasn't a day I would celebrate with anyone. It wasn't mine to celebrate.




20 August 2000

I had jotted down my thoughts of the day during my travels. Now that I've FINALLY unpacked and cleaned up my room, I found these notes. So I will now "back-fill" my on-line diary.