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Learn Dutch in the Netherlands and learning about life or living in the Netherlands

compiled by
Anne Ku

About learning the Dutch language and life in the Netherlands come from Bon Journal and Diary entries written by Anne Ku

The Dutch have a sense of humour, no doubt about that. The Dutch are more direct than the English. They don't take offense if you say no. But they do get annoyed if you dodge the answer or ask an indirect question ---- at least in my short experience here in the Netherlands.

Dutch is an old language, older than English. Dutch and German have a 50% overlap in vocabulary. [You don't capitalise nouns in Dutch but you do in German.]

This page will only get more populated with links and useful information as I get more into speaking the language of cunning linguists!

Many people have written to ask about learning Dutch in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I am also trying to learn the language and get used to living here. I don't teach Dutch but I can give you my recommendations.

I still have a backlog of correcting my initial pages on the Dutch language after taking Syl's award-winning course in Bussum. Help me create time to do this by checking out my CD on CDBABY --- oh yes, buy one for yourself or as a gift to someone you love.

Vriendelijk groeten, Anne

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created: 24 March 2004

latest update: 24 November 2006


Concerts in the Netherlands - programme notes in English, forthcoming events
More links to come
common words in Dutch
Dutch sentences
Calendar: days of the week, months, seasons
New words in Dutch
Short words - loads of these
positively wonderful words
Negative words
Useful phrases
About learning the Dutch language
A plan of action for learning Dutch
Dutch language class
Dutch immersion course
Running in Dutch
Learning Dutch


Finding a place to live in the Netherlands? See links at the bottom of Dream House in Utrecht


Concerts in the Netherlands - programme notes in English, forthcoming events


Life in the Netherlands:
House to let in Bussum
Getting to Naarden Vesting
Where to stay in Naarden Vesting
Bed and Breakfast in Bussum
Wedding party in Ede
A Dutch civil wedding
South of Holland
SOFI number
Concerts in Holland
Luxury of space (Bussum)
Bussum bus
Maastricht, Holland
Cycling Van Gogh country
Floriade 2002
Nudist colony
Dueting in Amsterdam
Looking for Mister Squeegy
Trams, bikes, and canalboats
Visiting Anne Frank house
Sheet music in Amsterdam
Glenn Corneille trio
Lined curtains to fit Dutch windows
Rijksmuseum in Schiphol
No one is to blame in Amsterdam
Painting colours
Bad luck and the unexpected
Christmas in Eindhoven
Learn Dutch links
Another Dutch dictionary
Online Dutch-English dictionary
John and Grayson's Dutch dictionary
Dutch translations - including Afrikaans
Quia activities (games) to help you learn Dutch quickly
Learn Dutch Grammar and Vocabulary 101
Translation service provider - BeTranslated offers professional translation services from and to English. 
Learn to speak Dutch with free online lessons part of elanguages, grammar, basic sentences and more
Dutch language web site - many useful things here
Other ways to learn Dutch and about the Dutch
Dutch songs and links
Top 20 Dutch songs (free mp3 downloads)
Country profile of Netherlands
Dutch sense of humour, parts 1 to 3 by Radio Netherlands
Dutch humour links in Dutch
Dutch humour website in Dutch
English papers in Holland:
Expatica - expatriate community in the Netherlands - web ezine
Amsterdam Times
The Amsterdam Weekly
What other love immigrants wrote:
My Netherlands by Mark, a kiwi I met at a house concert in Utrecht of the duo Randall and Claudia on tour. Insightful and delightful blog