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Positively wonderful words in Dutch

compiled by
Anne Ku

These are words to remember when you want to praise something, say something positive about yourself, about others, etc.

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Groetjs, Anne

At Ilp

created: 24 March 2004



ongelooflijk = incredible

verrassen = surprise, take by surprise

leuk = amusing, funny

schoongemacht =make beautiful

blij = glad, joyful, joyous, cheerful, please, delighted

belangstelling = interest (v)

schoon, fraai, knap, fijn, mooi = beautiful

schitterend = splendid

fantastisch = fantastic

precies = precisely

prima = fine

goed = good

uitstekend = outstanding or excellent

prachtig = beautiful

vriendelijk, beminnelijk, aardig = pretty

wonderbaar, verwonderend = wonderful

positief, constructief = positive

perfekt = perfect

optimaal = optimal

precies goed = just right

schattig = lovely

lief = cute, adorable

knap = handsome

mooi = good-looking (referring to persons)

lekker = nice (taste)

heerlijk = delicious

hartelijk = hearty

schatje = darling, precious one

poepescheetje = cute name for a child "shitty fart"

levenskrachtig = full of life

fijn = fine, nice, great, lovely

inderdaad = indeed


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