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New words in Dutch

compiled by
Anne Ku

About learning the Dutch language and life in the Netherlands come from Bon Journal and Diary entries written by Anne Ku

The Dutch have a sense of humour, no doubt about that. The Dutch are more direct than the English. Dutch is an old language, older than English. Dutch and German have a 50% overlap in vocabulary. [You don't capitalise nouns in Dutch but you do in German.]

This page will only get more populated with links and useful information as I get more into speaking the language of cunning linguists!

I invite you to suggest new links by contacting me directly.

Groetjs, Anne

At Ilp

created: 5 May 2004


Dutch word English Dutch word English
bedicht poem benieuwd be curious or anxious to know
gedachte idea geregeld regular, orderly, fixed
gedachten ideas misschien perhaps, maybe
ruimte room, space, capacity ungerustheid uneasy, anxious about, worried
herhaling repetition, repeatedly alleen only, lonely, alone
herhaaldelijk repeatedly allemaal one and all
herhalen repeat onbesproken undiscussed
nadrukkelijk emphatic kwetsbaar vulnerable
medewerking cooperation persoonlijk personal
toestand situation, state of affairs verkeerd wrong, bad
waardoor through which teststofje test material



sinking back weggaat weggaan - go away
opluchting relief tegelijk at the same time
drukpunten press



inspire with courage
noodzakelijk essential voorstelling show, image
nieren kidneys regelmatig regularly
noodzakelijk necessary overgeleverd  
zonnetje sunshine belangrijk important
sondevoeding   keertje  
berichtje   slangetje  
gelijk   doekje  
oszittende   jufferig  
plekje   adertjes  
bleekjes palish eentje  
veranderen change, alter dood dead
levenskracht vital power, vitality moeite  
fijn nice, fine, lovely, great buitenboord outboard
ondertussen meanwhile ongeloof disbelief
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