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Glenn Corneille trio

It was late. The jazz trio of Glenn Corneille was playing to a live audience in a radio station famous for its accoustics.

My friend and I thought we were late at 10:30 pm. But it had only started.

The station broadcasts to 200 FM stations in Canada, the US, and Australia. Tonight I witnessed the talented young pianist, Glenn Corneille for the first time.

Tall and slender, he moved like a yogi master. His straight hair covered most of his forehead, but he didn't seem to mind. He swayed with the music, almost performing pilates exercises on his upper torso.

What came out of the piano was amazing. It was a new kind of jazz improvisation I've never heard before. Obviously he had rehearsed it often with the drummer and bass player. They came from South of Holland, in the area of Maastricht where he had studied years before.

It was magical to sit there in the dark, sipping my white beer, and being surprised by new tunes --- traces of the familiar yet played in an unfamiliar way.

Afterwards, I dug out all the coins I had on me to purchase the trio's latest CD. Have they been to London, I asked the drummer. No, he said. It's very difficult to penetrate the London scene. But I live in London, I said. And I know many musicians.

At home, I listened to the CD. The Eleanor Rigby track was mislabeled. But otherwise, it was a riveting experience to recall that feeling of fluid intoxication, tantalising surprise, and extraordinary talent. Ah! But does the rest of the world know about this Dutch group? If people find his website, will they understand Dutch?

17 October 2003 Friday

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