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Since the initial launch on 15 March 1999, analyticalQ has received many insightful feedback from viewers all over the world.  Many sincere thanks!!

These thoughtful comments have helped analyticalQ undergo several transformations:

Initial Personal Offering:

"Take me as I am" in energy, decision analysis, music

Organisational Change

sections grouped in categories of Popular, Professional, Personal

Direct Marketing

link interchange, web rings, submit to search engines, article-writing, free sheet music

Maslow's Hierarchy

sections regrouped and renamed Interest, Work, Play; to be revamped into subject category: Music, Writing, Web, Travel, Self

Total Quality Management

coherence, consistency, no broken links, all browsers compatible, no typos, no spelling or grammatical errors

Personal Touch Upward Feedback

analytical Q

is . . .

  1. a platform to express myself to the world

  2. a medium to share and test my ideas

  3. a laboratory to experiment with my web learning and quest for knowledge

  4. a repository for my work: writings, research, compositions, webs, etc.

  5. a bulletin board to promote and announce

  6. a forum to get material for my book, e.g. case studies on flexibility

  7. a place where I can meet like-minded individuals interested in the kind of stuff I create and willing to give feedback


Everyone needs to create. 

It keeps the soul alive,

quenching the thirst of the mind

and the hunger of the heart.


14 November 2003 update:

What is self-expression?

28 August 2002 update:

analyticalQ has become more than just the expression of the originator Anne Ku. It has provoked and invited new expression from its visitors, both regular and ad hoc. analyticalQ now receives feedback via CONTACT WEBMASTER, new link suggestions, poetry submissions, parody submissions, travel stories, questions, and more...on a daily basis.

7 April 2003 update:

Le Bon Journal, Volume 2 Issue 3: Celebrating four years of analyticalQ (2 page pdf)

June 2002 London
  • travel stirs the imagination
  • the soul is free to run
  • a tune appears

  • a verse emerges

listen to original arrangements and compositions by Anne Ku


My sister Frances Ku has found paradise in Maui where she paints, plays the piano, and swims to the surfs

visit a cybergallery of Frances' watercolour paintings

and send your favourite as a virtual postcard to a friend

suggest a link to cybergalleries

how to care for your art (article by Frances Ku)

colours of the internet have names and hexadecimal numbers - have fun mixing and matching!

Writing & Research

The Diary of Anne Ku since May 2000

Bon Journal since April 2001

Book Reviews: you can't judge a book by its cover. You have to read it.

Publication list of articles and other written work

Energy-related articles on electricity, natural gas, risk management, trading, deregulation, economics


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