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Home is where the heart is. If music is the food of love, then it should be savoured in the comfort of one's home.


Robert Bekkers, guitarist/composer

Anne Ku, pianist/composer

Margaret McQuaile, mezzo soprano


Easter Monday, 16 April 2001
6 pm



Total guests: 15
Nationalities: 6
Diversity index: 3

analyticalQ diary:

16 April intimate performance

Cat Concerto

feline birthday celebration


The first part of the concert was serious music. The second part was to celebrate Anne Ku's cat's forthcoming third birthday, together with his best friend Tiggy. Unfortunately, they were too busy to appear.

Autumn Shivers (piano solo) composed and performed by Anne Ku

Classical guitar performed by Robert Bekkers

  • Prelude from JS Bach's Lute Suite in C Minor
  • Cappricio Arabe by Tarrega
  • Asturias (Leyenda) by Albeniz
  • Una limnosita por El Amor de Dios/El Ultimo tremolo by Barrios
  • Study No. 4 Prelude for Anne composed by Robert Bekkers (mp3)
  • Vivaldi's Concerto in D major transcribed for piano and guitar

Mezzo soprano Margaret McQuaile

  • Tyndaris
  • Aria from Samson and Dalila by Camille Saint-Saens
  • Les Berceaux by Faure (words by Sully Prudhomme)


  • Cat's Blues (guitar solo) improvised and performed by Robert Bekkers
  • Mister Tidworth (piano solo) composed and performed by Anne Ku
  • Reading of cat poems by Andy, Neil, Pearce, Lucy, Victoria, Amanda, William
  • Memory from the musical Cats sung by soprano Soumaya
  • Year of the Tiger (piano solo) composed and performed by Anne Ku
  • Cats Fugue by Scarlatti, performed by Anne Ku
  • Tangos improvisation for guitar by Robert Bekkers


Counterpoint aca pella, we sang in three groups of two:

  • By the waters of Babylon
  • We lay down and wept for thee, Zion
  • We remember, we remember thee, Zion.