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Land of the big egos

Downstairs, a blonde associate asked,"So, how do you like it up there? There are so many people with big egos around here."

A big ego defines someone who thinks highly of herself. She believes that everyone wants to work for her. Everyone worships her. The company is very lucky to have her.

So she walks around like she's a god send. Where in fact, the emotionally intelligent ones are simply rubbing her ego in hopes that she will remember them during promotion time.

Is it better to be feared or to be loved? Big egos think that others want to work for them because they love them, but the reality is that fear commands a greater following.

One McKinsey consultant who had interviewed with the company remarked that the place was testosterone high. When asked who had the highest testosterone, he replied that it was a woman.

Perhaps the combination of high testosterone and big ego is the formula for a soaring career path at this company. It certainly weeds out the more feminine colleagues who have had to retreat downstairs, leaving just the Queen Bee to command all her loyal and fearful workers.

15 December 2001 Saturday

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