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Believe in the dream

Say it and you'll believe it.

Get all employees to echo the vision, the mission, the objective, the dream.

Engrave them on every floor, in every lift, and in every conference room.

Give out free T-shirts, caps, pens, notebooks, bags, and anything else you can wear with the company logo and motto. The employees become free advertisers. And they wear it with pride and commitment.

Managers are allowed to take their staff to lunch, dinner, and weekend outings every so often. It's called "team building."

All this re-enforces the dream, solidifies employee commitment, and unifies all in pursuit of one goal.

Since employees are also rewarded in stocks and stock options, they have every incentive to ensure that stock prices move in one direction: UP.

If stock prices goes up, everyone benefits. You can retire a millionaire. You can cash out for a dream vacation. You can pay off your mortgage early.

To be the best, you have to first believe that you're the best.

The word "ethnocentricity" never came into the picture. Believe it long enough and you will doubt that the company stock price would ever fall, much less, spiral downwards out of control.

10 December 2001 Monday

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