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From the Hungry Poet in Kathmandu, Nepal:
A new entry in the English Dictionary in particular the Houston edition should read as follows...

ENDRON / noun - pronounced en'd-ron. end as in terminated; ron the past participle of run (run, ran, ron) as in Rapid Oblivious Non-stoppable distancing of. Used as a business term, endron commonly refers to a very large and powerful business enterprise that collapses abruptly and completely after achieving phenomenal growth and having rapidly distanced itself from competition in unparalleled manner.

Bon Journal


In 1996, the company conducted market research and found that most people had never heard of the name. One video showed a London cabdriver responding with "oh, I've heard of it. Is it from the song - En - run - run, Do - run - run?" Others thought it was a flower.

For its retail power campaign, branding was very important. So they spent loads of money to create the image of trust for residential buyers.

Eventually, the marketing campaign did pay off. By then, various business school case studies had been written about the company's innovative culture. And certainly within the energy industry, the name was synonymous with success and overachievement.

Ironically, in a matter of weeks, without a multi-million dollar ad campaign, the company became a household name for its rapid demise. Its imminent collapse was reported in a news clip on Classic FM radio station.

Moral of the story? sometimes it's easier to be infamous.

17 December 2001 Monday

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