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Witness to departures

In Texas, employment laws are not as stringent as those in Europe. There's such thing as "hire and fire." Despite being protected by her UK job contract, she still felt the shocks of the sudden departure of her new found friends.

One guy found himself out of a job when he visited the personnel office to enquire about transferring to a different department. They escorted him out of the building.

Another woman knew something was awry when her boss stopped talking to her. After he was promoted, he went away for the week. The personnel office asked to see her. They told her she was fired. She wasn't even allowed to return to her desk. They told her that they would mail her belongings to her.

It was not a friendly or respectful way to treat employees whom the company had courted after a dozen interviews.

She shuddered at the thought of how her own career with the company would end. But she reasoned: as long as she didn't get fired, she wouldn't get treated like this.

How wrong she was!

6 December 2001 Thursday

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