analyticalQ Contact Flexibility Decision Analysis

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Definition of Flexibility
3 Valuing Flexibility
4 Applications of Flexibility
5 Decision Analysis
6 Option Pricing
7 Hybrid Valuation Methods
8 Life Decisions
9 Consumer Decisions
10 Energy Markets
11 Conclusions and Guidelines
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Book based on my PhD and subsequent work experience.

Decision Making for Flexibility

by Anne Ku



I have been haunted by the F- word flexibility ever since I had chosen to study it.   My doctoral research hypothesised that flexibility would be useful in deregulated industries where there is greater uncertainty and risk. I subsequently worked in the energy sector for many years and witnessed it myself. During this period, I practised flexibility in my decision making: career choice, personal matters, and consumer decisions.  In day to day activity, I practised and preached it.  It is now time to consolidate my knowledge and share my experiences.

Copyright Anne Ku 2000