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The Diary
Anne Ku

12 November 2000 Sunday





The foreign papers have now the opportunity to laugh, criticise, or sympathise with the US presidential election fiasco.

I quite like clothes from Banana Republic. They are simple, usually 100% cotton, and affordable. I always wondered what the Banana Republic was until I read today's papers mocking the US election, comparing it to "spaghetti westerns."

A columnist wrote in Milan's daily Corriere della Sera :

"The other night when I went into a restaurant in Santa Monica, there was one president - Clinton. When I ordered a pizza there was another one - Gore. When I paid the bill, there was a third president - Bush. When I walked out on to Ocean Boulevard, there was no president because Bill is now the husband of a senator from New York."

What sums it quite well, once again, belongs to the work of political cartoonists. Here's one by Mike Collins:

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