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Dr Anne Ku, June 2002

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Published Energy Articles

Written, edited, invited, or coordinated by Anne Ku
director's cut - original versions by Anne Ku
about Anne Ku - writing about energy

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Risk and flexibility in electricity: introduction to the fundamentals and techniques, edited by Anne Ku, 250 pages, hardcover ISBN:1904339115



FOR PDF versions of published articles not written by Anne Ku, please select a book and/or CD of Anne Ku to purchase and then contact Anne Ku.

That exotic option called power by Anne Ku (original) (published - pdf)
As a derivative of other fuels, electricity is an exotic option. Despite the downturn in energy trading activity, such complex options continue to be structured and embedded in power contracts. Anne Ku surveys the situation on both sides of the Atlantic

published in RiskWater's Energy Power Risk Management (EPRM) monthly magazine,
December 2002

Book Review by Anne Ku

HOBBS, Benjamin F., MEIER, Peter; Energy Decisions and the Environment: A Guide to the Use of Multicriteria Methods, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Massachusetts (2000), pp. 257

published in Journal of Energy Literature, December 2002

Le Bon Journal Volume 1 Issue 9:
Enron: the end of endless possibilities (2 page PDF) in Le Bon Journal Newsletters
18 November 2002

May/Jun 2002 Platts Energy Business and Technology

Forecasting to understand uncertainty in electricity prices by Anne Ku PDF (545 kB) HTML original

Competition demands correlation by Tom Severance of Algorithmics HTML

Flying blind? Consider revenue management by Jerry Jackson of Jackson Associates HTML

What CIO's need to know about mid-office risk management by Jill Feblowitz of AMR Research HTML

Book review by Dave Ernsberger of Platts HTML

Mar/Apr 2002 Global Energy Business

The art of forecasting demand by Anne Ku PDF (806kB) HTML original

Uncovering and pricing the hidden risks in power marketing by Meredydd Rees and Richard Hooke of KWI HTML

Load forecasting in practical terms by Phil Inje Chang of E-acumen (html)

Russian oil strengthens, bucking sweet/sour trends by Peter Stewart of Platts PDF (181 kB) html

The right and wrong ways to attract investments in generation by Daniel E. White, Rutherford S. Poats, and Fabio Nehme of Pace Global Energy Services html

Why Europe looks greener than the US by Dr Gordon Edge of Platts (html)

Book reviews by Jason Makansi, Dan Fineren, Neville Horley (html)

Upfront: the future of mark to market, UK power exchanges, etc. (html)

Jan/Feb 2002 Global Energy Business

The impact of Black Tuesday on oil markets by Peter Stewart of Platts html

Gas liberalization in Europe: An empty promise? by William Powell of Platts html

Advances in OTC trade processing by Pasi Miettinen of OnExchange html

Generation modeling: The next generation by Adrian Palmer of Caminus html

Nov/Dec 2001 Global Energy Business

Sinking a lot of money into a black hole: ASP to the rescue by Anne Ku PDF (558 kB) html original

M&A in European electricity markets by Eric Ellul and Jo Whitehead of Boston Consulting Group

The two overlooked aspects of IT risk management by Mike Campbell and Dutch Holland of Holland & Davis html

Another way to classify on-line exchanges by Jon T. Brock of Scientech html

Walking the talk on climate change by Ravi V. Nathan of Aquila html

Book reviews by Jeff Ryser, Cathy Landry, John Bower html

Sep/Oct 2001 Global Energy Business

Resolving the electricity paradox by Charles W. Polk of Net Exchange html

Coming to power: Automated deal and product structuring by Anne Ku PDF (255 kB) html

What's up front isn't all that counts by Jill Feblowitz of AMR Research html

Collaborative software meets petroleum trading by Charles (Chuck) Moore of Petrovantage html

Hedging marine price risk by Peter Stewart of Platts html

Letters from readers including reaction to weather derivatives article html

Jul/Aug 2001 Global Energy Business

Volunteering to fight global warming by Anne Ku PDF (609 kB) html

Betting on the weather by Anne Ku PDF (303 kB) html

From wellhead to wall socket by Chal Barnwell of KWI html

Fishing for people with a net by Matt Richards of html

The name is the game by David Crawley of Tradewell Systems html

On-line exchanges evolve by Mary Jackson of Oxford/Princeton Programme html

Book reviews by Susannah Johnston, Bill Brocato, Charles Polk html

Jul/Aug 2001 Energy IT

Thinking through integration and STP by Anne Ku PDF (773 kB) original html

May/June 2001 Global Energy Business

System Dynamics by Isaac Dyner (University of Colombia), Erik Larsen (City Business School), Alessandro Lomi (University of Bologna) html

Value at Risk: variations on a theme by Carlos Blanco (FEA), Chal Barnwell (KWI), Gary Dorris and Andy Dunn (e-Acumen), Louis Guth and Kristina Sepetys (NERA) html

Credit Risk by Claudio Casarotti (Accenture) html

Straight-through Processing by Anne Ku PDF (431 kB) original html

Mar/Apr 2001 Global Energy Business

Deal Confirmations by Anne Ku PDF (417 kB) original html

Real Options by Steve Scroggs html

German Electricity Market by Anne Ku original html

Jan/Feb 2001 Global Energy Business

Energy information on the Web by Anne Ku original html

Nov/Dec 2000 Global Energy Business

Online power exchanges by Anne Ku original html

Sept/Oct 2000 Global Energy Business

Coping with volatility by Anne Ku original html

Sept/Oct 2000 Energy IT

Laying the foundation for a digital utility by Anne Ku html