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The Diary
Anne Ku

1 February 2001 Thursday



I am intrigued by the national and even international attention that the murder of a little six year old beauty queen attracted. She was found dead on 26 December 1996 in the basement of her house.

There are dozens of web sites on her and the case. There are books about her. Steve Thomas, lead detective in this case, wrote about the politics of the case - the inside story. I took my time reading this book, to satisfy my curiosity. Why did this little girl get so much attention?

Why did my friend Patty get no attention nationally or internationally? She also died on Christmas night. Reported missing on 26 December, her body was never found. She did not have a millionaire as a father. She was a mother of three.

Her case is still unsolved. Open, I'd call it. But both county police departments declared her case to be cold. Unless her body is found, you can't prove she died or how she died.

But we all know she did not run away from her beloved children Christmas night. We all know what happened. And it will remain in local news, if any news - unless someone speaks up.

Facts on Patty
Patty My Friend