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The Diary
Anne Ku

31 January 2001 Wednesday



The new radio station that's invaded Houston. The best of the eighties.

My car radio is set to this station by default. It keeps me suspended in the eighties. I am forever young when I listen to these oldies.

In London, my radio is set to Classic FM. Classical music matched my daily existence. Here in the US, I got myself into the routine of driving on freeways, working out everyday, and playing phone tag with my friends and business contacts.

Music of the eighties reminds me of a happy-go-lucky teenager in Okinawa. I had just learned how to drive at age sixteen, thanks to Hari's and Lemondrops' private coaching. I had graduated from babysitting to choir accompanying. I was wearing summer dresses that I designed. I was keyboardist of various bands: Ku and the Guys, the Lo Lo's, and Funky Caravan. It was a good time to be alive.