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The Diary
Anne Ku

2 February 2001 Friday



I have never succeeded in a single match, yet I continue to matchmake my friends and colleagues. Tonight was no exception. I planned for a week for my golfer colleague to meet my long time golfer friend.

We would meet in my apartment, I thought. My colleague and I got to my place first. I made the mistake of showing him my recent photos, which included one of her. He instinctively reacted. "No, not her. I'm not attracted. She is not my type."

He wanted to leave before she arrived. Too late, I said. You can't leave. So he proceeded to drink more wine, smoke more cigarettes, and blast out more profanity.

People know the first instant they meet whether they like each other. If they don't, they will spend the rest of the evening showing their worst side to ensure that the other person won't like them. If they do like each other, they would be on their best behaviour.

Tonight I witnessed a man getting himself totally plastered and a woman becoming more reserved by the minute. Needless to say, it didn't work out this time.