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Colour preference changes with age:

Babies and very young children prefer red and yellow. Young children are more attracted by colour than form.

As we grow older, we like colours from the shorter wavelength. In order of preference, they are blue, red, green, violet, orange, and yellow.

Dr Max Luscher, German professor of psychology, is recognised as "Father of colour Psychology." The famous Luscher colour test has been used over 20 years with great success. Colour sells. That's why brown cans are used for selling wax. Red cans for insect sprays. Green cans for fresh air sprays or personal hygiene.

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Copyright 1997

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18 September 2000

This book originated long before the HTML version. It's quite interesting to read. The consensus of the reviewers is that if the author improves the design, e.g. get rid of the awful wallpaper, then the content could really shine. Instead, we are distracted by the primitive experimental presentation, which discredits the quality content.

The following are reviews by college students in London, summer 2000 for their course Psychology of Multimedia.

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