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The Diary
Anne Ku


11 September 2000 Monday


Yesterday I noticed the number of spider webs in my garden had grown in one week. Not only that, the spiders themselves had gotten bigger.

As usual when the sun is out, I sit outside soaking it up. To make space for myself, I had to spin off the webs that were in my way. While selecting the unfortunate ones, I noticed that spiders typically sit in the centre of their webs, waiting for prey. The webs can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. They move quickly and gently all over the web because it's their familiar territory.

Once my nickname was spider girl, for I surfed the web and built intranets. The true meaning of spinning the web came to me when I thought of my own web site. It's time to cross reference different parts of my site. Hyperlinking internally strengthens my web site. Hyperlinking externally ensures I'm reachable in the World Wide Web.




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