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Background photo: Anne Ku cycling to Nefyn, North Wales, August 2001.

Bon Journal

What I want

"If you could receive one gift for your birthday, what would it be?"

Easy to ask but difficult to answer.

My immediate reaction: a yoga mat. But what colour? What manufacturer? What size? What thickness?

Okay, it's easier to get the yoga mat myself.

A one way ticket to paradise.

But is there such a thing as paradise? My sister calls herself "painter of paradise" for she lives in Maui, where even the sunsets can be painted in her watercolours. And what is paradise if I can't share it?

Other than the tangible things that can be sent by snail mail or courier or ordered via the Internet, everything else I want is either long and tedious or big and hairy:

  • get rid of clutter, especially the things I don't use or need or want which are still brand new or given by someone who probably won't be offended if I give them away
  • sell my books
  • sell my CDs
  • get paid for being a columnist or get the Bon Journal syndicated
  • build an extension or conservatory to my house
  • knock down the supporting, centre wall and replace the stairs with open-tread staircase, and replace the ladder to the loft with proper stairs
  • end the war so that guests will return to the hotel which has temporarily suspended my pianist-in-residence entertainment budget

To give you a clue of what I appreciate, here is a list of some of the best presents I've ever received:

  • a ginger kitten (but I had to give him away because of my allergy)
  • a house to hold my piano
  • a grand piano (now I'm looking for another)
  • a song that makes me cry
  • a poem that makes me think
  • a story that inspires me
  • a love letter that touches me
  • a web cam so I can be seen
  • a dream job
  • things that I needed which I wasn't even aware of

7 April 2003 Monday

Le Bon Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4: The decision of indecision and other dilemmas (2 page pdf)
Books I'd like to get:
Adult Children of Divorced Parents: -Making Your Marriage Work- Resource Publications, Inc
but then I don't like to buy books, I'd rather borrow them or get them free in exchange for a written review.
CDs I'd like to get:
La Ketchup Song
Dancing and workout music of the 21st century so that I can get more up to date!
Other things that I'll welcome:
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