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IntelliHealth: comprehensive information from Johns Hopkins

Mayo Clinic Health Oasis: most comprehensive and accessible health information online

All Health: interactive tools such as message boards and chat sessions

Healthfinder: free gateway to reliable consumer health and human services info developed by US Dept of Health and Human Services

Emedicine: free, high-quality medical information, written by physicians

Drkoop: info from World Book Encyclopedia.

AmericasDoctor: successful chatroom Ask the Doc

Mediconsult: in-depth info on more than 60 chronic medical conditions

healthy, wealthy, and wise?

Health, or the lack of it, is one of those topics that the Internet is really useful for. In 1997, I conducted my own medical research on the Internet to arrive at a decision that might have otherwise been costly, risky, time-consuming, and even regretful. Like immigration, health matters are often private. Search engines to huge databases of information provide the key to a wealth of advice. However, professional advisors often warn against relying solely on Internet sources to arrive at a decision. Often such Internet searches may lead to divergence rather than convergence. This is when one should double check with professional advisors, as I did for health and immigration matters.

Just how good are the health sites? Ask how they survive? How do they make money? Are they liable for their advice? How up to date and comprehensive are they? How popular are they?

"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." A genetically modified apple? or a true English cox?


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Le Bon Journal Newsletters, Volume 1 Issue 11:
Smoke like you don't want to live


Prevention or Cure?

I read somewhere that it costs less to prevent (lead a healthy life) than to cure disease. If so, we ought to pay attention to the way we are brought up, our diet and exercise, and having a healthy lifestyle. But when you're stressed out, what you eat is the last thing on your mind. Is your health really in your control?

One of my neighbours, about to retire at the age of sixty, once said to me: when you're at my age, the most important thing is not wealth or success but health. Indeed, she was as fit as a fiddle, active in scuba diving and mountain climbing.


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