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The Diary
Anne Ku

12 April 2001 Thursday





Finally a movie written by a singleton about singletons and for singletons. I had been reading about the casting and the making of this movie for some time now. The book was hard to digest - even before I could finish the first page, I was disgusted. I simply could not identify myself with the chain-smoking, junk-food indulgent Bridget. Yet, seeing the movie was something else.

With four other single women, I was bound to find something in common at our Chinese lobster dinner - before the movie. All in our thirties, all working fulltime, and all fairly secure financially. So is there anything wrong? Our mothers would say, yes. "You don't have a man. And your biological clocks are ticking." This was the message of Bridget Jones surely.

The movie was much better than I had ever expected. It was hilarious, witty, and a real trip. The typical situation of the thesis and the antithesis. The good guy and the bad. The woman who must make a choice. I could relate to this.

Afterwards, we agreed that what was missing in our lives was that look of desire on Mark Darcy's face (played by Colin Firth). We haven't seen that look of longing and love on a man's face in a long time.

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