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The Diary
Anne Ku

11 April 2001 Wednesday





An English friend once told me to watch out for daffodils. They are the first signs of spring. In Devon, I was once photographed in a field of bright yellow daffodils.

After daffodils come tulips. When I lived near Regents Park, I used to visit the tulip gardens, which compared with the Keukenhoff in the Netherlands, weren't too bad. I, too, had taken photographs among the tulips - during the Queen's Birthday weekend in the Netherlands so many years ago.

After tulips, come the roses. The English rose refers to a person with sensitive white skin. I knew an English rose once, who needed whale grease to protect himself under the sun.

Although I can see and touch the buds on the trees, I am still shivering under three layers of clothing. As far as I can tell, my spring hasn't arrived.