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The Diary
Anne Ku

11 October 2000 Wednesday


Last Saturday was a day of darkness. It rained in the night. By dawn, it had decided to rain all day. Monday was the same.

Is that how Mother Earth cools itself? Suddenly, I'm wearing my turtleneck and coat. Suddenly, my summer is gone.

Today I came home early. But the sun had already begun to set. I continued my progression from the other evening - a cold and distant tune.

I've lost the momentum. I've lost the energy. Yet I wanted to finish this piece. Where would this tune take me? Where would it end?

I resisted and resisted. Finally I gave in and turned the heating on. I was not ready for the summer to end. I was not ready for Autumn. Soon everything will stand still. I shiver at the thought of spending another winter in England.


my latest composition
Autumn Shivers