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The Diary
Anne Ku

10 October 2000 Tuesday




Over 30,000 scientists around the world have all confirmed the green house effect and global warming trends. For the first time, the North Pole is not solid ice - but slush. Polar bears are either dead or dying.

One speaker at the renewable energy / environmental conference I attended today described the situation as one of being slowly cooked to death. If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it would jump out immediately. If you put it in a pot of cold water, it would stay..... and eventually be cooked to death. We are being cooked to death.

A warming trend can be detected from analysing historical temperature data. I have seen it. I have been told to average the last 20 years instead of last 30 years when calculating the "normal" temperature. While, some may argue that it's merely sinusoidal - i.e. a temporary effect - there is enough scientific evidence to the contrary.

Climate change is irreversible, some say. I notice it in my travels around the world. It gets hotter each time. There are more catastrophes and extreme weather events.

Those that can afford it, simply crank up their air conditioners in the summer heat. The exhaust heat from these machines and the extra emissions and heat produced from electric power generation add to the overall heat. But inside, these people choose to be blissfully ignorant or indifferent.