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The Diary
Anne Ku

9 October 2000 Monday




I like to wake up naturally. The sun is my alarm clock. As a result, I tend to sleep less in the summer than in the winter.

Waking up early to catch the first flight to Dusseldorf was a real chore. I had to set my alarm clock in the bathroom - so that I wouldn't hear the ticking in my room. When it rang, it jerked me from my dreams and I scurried down to shut it off.

Waking up early in the dark, to get into town before 8 am, was slightly easier - for I had some room to maneuvre. Still, it was no fun being squeezed by the morning commuters on the tube.

Waking up late, knowing I'd be late, is no fun either. Somehow getting ready always takes around one hour. No matter how I hurry, how much I've prepared beforehand, there are no short-cuts to mornings.

The sun is not at my beck and call. When it's clouded over, like these last few days, I cannot wake up naturally. So my winter hibernation begins prematuredly - in October.