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The Diary
Anne Ku

8 October 2000 Sunday




My dear grandmother probably has more photo albums than anyone else I know. Everytime I visit, I'd jump on her big bed and flip through the pictures of my relatives.

Perhaps by now, I could compete with my albums stored in the loft and the images on this web site. Someday soon, I'll have to get a digital camera and do away with the current method of developing and scanning.

The latest roll of film contains memories of my friends' wedding in the Netherlands. They have already shared their photos with me. How do I share mine?

That morning, it rained cats and dogs. We didn't think we'd get to the ceremony on time. Amazingly, the rain stopped and the sun appeared in time for the couple's entrance. Afterwards, we departed for the beach, where my camera took a life of its own.

The men rolled up their trouser ends, and arm in arm, dipped their feet in the cold sea. What a sight it was! The handsome men of Holland!

at the beach 
 dim sum