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The Diary
Anne Ku


1 September 2000 Friday


Infatuated with the concept of flexibility, I couldn't stop using the "F" word in my daily conversations five years ago. Flexibility meant

  • postponing decision making so I can get more information
  • splitting a decision into smaller ones so that I can wait and see
  • having lots of options
  • having access
  • being able to bend like a willow tree, go with the flow
  • having access

Today this translates to real options. Indeed, one should never refuse a free option. One should always be gathering and collecting free options. One should try as far as possible to turn an obligation into a "right but not an obligation."

What's the flipside of this kind of thinking? Keeping too many options causes cognitive stress and distress. Too much flexibility becomes an obligation in itself. The flip side of flexibility is, after all, uncertainty.




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