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The Diary
Anne Ku


2 September 2000 Saturday


One scooter stands next to my piano collecting dust. The other is neatly folded away and hidden in its black carry-on bag. What has happened to the latest yuppie fad?

"What the Jones have" and the latest fad propelled me into wanting to have, wanting to ride it, wanting to be seen in action. I thought it would be an alternative to my trusted mountain-bike. It would be faster than walking. It would be fun.

Indeed it was fun when it was hot. The pavements and the roads in London aren't as smooth as they could be. Meanwhile adults on the tube timidly ask if they could touch this shiny aluminium thing. "Where did you buy it?" "How much does it cost?" When I first hauled it back from the States, I actually thought I should sell it and make a profit from the novelty. Too late now. Even Woolworths have them stacked in their front entrance.

Like my roller blades from a few years back, I have fallen once again to temptation and greed. For years I resisted buying those blades. After I bought them and tried them just twice, I lost interest. No doubt my feet have grown in size and my balance hasn't improved. If I find those brand new roller blades in my closet, would I reminisce or regret?



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