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The Diary of Anne Ku

5 July 2000 Wednesday


To every action, an underlying purpose exists. Consequently, dating is not merely an event. It can bring about a two-day fling, a secret affair, or a long-lasting marriage. Purposeful dating is best accomplished in dinners, movies, and discoteques of elegant taste.

A quiet, uninterrupted candlelight dinner at a semi-formal restaurant of well-known reputation heightens the atmosphere of the event. Dinner, synonymous with "Operation Observation," provides the tactics necessary for direct eye-to-eye and voice-to-voice contact. The manner of eating indicates not only inner aggressiveness but also outer possessiveness. The tempo at which the main course is consumed sets the metabolism for the rest of the evening or even the rest of a lifetime. Through conversation the backgrounds and interests of both individuals are revealed. The similarities and differences are then compiled for further evaluation. This predicts the likelihood of successive dates.

Different types of movies convey hidden messages of real intent such as romance, mystery, or horror. Once the most daring and emotional part of a true love story appears on the screen, the love-potion takes its effect. Mystery movies give the couple hints as to how to get to know each other better. The female clings deliberately to the male during a horror show. After spasms of fierce clawing for protection and support, they begin the process of cell-to-cell correspondence.

continued on 6 July ...




20 August 2000

I had jotted down my thoughts of the day during my travels. Now that I've FINALLY unpacked and cleaned up my room, I found these notes. So I will now "back-fill" my on-line diary.


I wrote this essay when I was a young, naive teenager. Lovesick from reading Harlequin Romances, I had an idealistic view of what dating was. My friend in Virginia - the first gentleman who taught me how to behave like a lady to be treated like one - mailed it to me recently - to remind me of my innocence.