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You never forget a good teacher....

Sadly Mr Scales and Mr Cullinan are no longer with us.

Kubasaki High School, Okinawa Japan


Mr Bickley retires to Texas.


Diary 10 Sept 2000

Class of 82

Patty, My Friend

To Sir with Love

Mr Bickley - our favourite math teacher. Full of interesting phrases. I finally got the chance to visit him in Texas in Jan 2001
Roy Hall Mr Hall - choir teacher and also a jazz pianist
Shinsho, Anne, Mr Spain

Mr Shinsho, we called him "Shinsho san" He retired in 2000.

Mr Spain, science teacher and coach.
Sally Nelson Miss Nelson, language arts and Spanish. Also a scuba diver!

Dennis Ward

Dr Ward, my trigonometry teacher and later Fortran / Cobol. Now assistant principal.

Betsy Hermann

Mrs Hermann, my last piano teacher on Okinawa. She taught me music theory by writing long hand assignments each week.