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The Diary of Anne Ku

7 June 2000 Wednesday warm, sunny bursts, some clouds


Is it my imagination that time goes by faster as I grow older?  I remember the long stretches of endless summers - lazing about, day dreaming, cycling, reading, playing, and laughing.  Although it's June, it still feels like the end of a long winter.

My high school teacher Mr Bickley had a sign on top of the classroom clock that said "Time will pass, will you?"  This had the effect of frightening some of the strugglers.  When he gave out true and false tests, he would say,"Even a goldfish could do better."  Indeed, it seemed that their to-and-fro swimming corresponded to True and False, and we naively believed that the probabilities would swing 50-50.  He was also fond of calling us Meatballs.  I, for one, didn't realise that Meatballs meant eggheads, not delicious Bolognese concoctions.

These days, time seems to pass so quickly that I am always playing catch up.  Recently, I decided to go to bed very late (2 am) and leave the curtains open so that I would wake up naturally.  This means waking up at 7 am.   Could I cheat on time even further?  Live in another time zone, for instance?   Not quite.  I left my watch set to Amsterdam time by mistake and, as a result, missed lunch.



Time will pass, will you?

- Harold Bickley,
math teacher at Kubasaki High School

Mr Bickley, Jan 2001 in Texas