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Conquering fear of flying

After September 11th and especially after my trip to Milan in November, I dreaded flying. Or rather, I dreaded taking off, flying, and landing.

I remember too well the foggy day which turned into a foggy night in Milan. Many flights were cancelled. I was lucky to get on my flight back to London, though it was considerably delayed. I couldn't see a thing. And I called my mother to tell her what to do if I didn't make it.

After a month of rest, I had to fly again. And while I'm in fun city Orlando, Florida, I am going on as many rollercoasters as I can - to conquer that self-induced fear. I have to. It's my job to fly to gather information and attend conferences. There is no other way. So I'm spending a few days conquering my fear of flying.

10 January 2002 Thursday