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Like child or parent

Home among friends and their families, I am but a child when it comes to play. The boys are very well-behaved. Even after they wake up, they stay in their side of the condo, playing quietly.

I am sleeping in the sofa bed in the living room. My friends are on the other side - their suite. It's a new condo in Orlando, Florida, just across from Sea World. Actually, it's part of Hilton's Grand Vacation Way apartment suites for rent. I'm not too clear about how my friends managed to swap their time share for such a big place.

Anyway, we get up in the morning and get into their van. Then we drive to Sea World one day, Busch Gardens the next. And through the eyes of their children, I see the world as a more pleasant, and even fun, place to be. But through the eyes of my friends, the parents, I see it as one of time keeping, planning, getting everything under control and order.

Well, I'd rather be a child. So I start talking like a child. The oldest one is 9 years old and speaks in full sentences. The middle one is eager to please, always smiling, always wanting to engage my attention. The youngest one hardly ever smiles. But he holds my hand just the same. He's a cuddly little teddy bear who weighs a tonne.

I'm so happy that the kids like me so much. I think one of them even asked me what I want to be when I grow up.

9 January 2002 Wednesday