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The domino effect

A fire in the tunnel at Schiphol Airport changed everything.

Because trains couldn't take us there, buses were called in. Because buses were late, taxi's arrived at the scene. Because of the extra taxi's and cars, the roads got congested.

All this led to my late check-in.

There was a sea of people at the airport. Flights were delayed - but not due to the fire. They were delayed due to late incoming flights.

Globalisation makes us more dependent on each other. We are all connected.

In the news, I read that Singapore has fallen into recession. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. Singapore's recession will have repercussions in the rest of Southeast Asia. A recession, to me, means a drying up of liquidity - lack of activity. A bear market.

In the last recession, I hid myself in my studies. Now what will I do? Supermarkets don't die. People still have to eat, maybe not out.

The domino effect of airplane delays caused me to spend seven hours travelling from Maastricht back to London. Had it not been for the fire and the delay, I might have bought myself something nice in Maastricht. Instead, I came home empty-handed, but not empty-headed.

11 July 2001

Anne Ku, July 2001
Anne Ku, July 2001
    Anne Ku at Ilp, Holland