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Home among musicians

After an intense five hour meeting on markets and market design, I rushed off to meet musicians. My brain was already fried from the sun, but my fingers were still itching to continue from the morning practice.

Musicians are expressive and passionate people. But there are different types of musicians, and one shouldn't generalise.

The chiropractor turned self-taught painter and songwriter gave up his previous professional life to pursue art and music. He had no regrets about leaving materialism. In his quest for truth, he's transformed other musicians.

Is there enough room for all musicians to live as musicians in this world? If there is, why do some defect into other professions?

The pianist has no trouble finding work. The soprano has built an international career for herself. The contrabass player has a teaching job. What does it take to live as a musician?

Passion more than talent, said the pianist.

Network. Networking.

Having a monopoly.

Dedication and belief that you can do it.

Four musicians I met in Maastricht - all dedicated to their art, all living as musicians. They did not arrive here yesterday. They had stories to tell.

10 July 2001

Anne Ku, July 2001
Anne Ku, July 2001
    Anne Ku at Ilp, Holland