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The Diary
Anne Ku

23 October 2000 Monday




My dear sweet friend! You just don't know how much I've enjoyed your presence! You are a one and only and I love you! You really keep me going & you definately (sic) make my mind keep working! I wish I could take you everywhere with me and show all my friends back home how we keep entertained on Okinawa. They'd all want to move here just to go to one of your parties!

Ann, congrats on your beautiful relationship with -----. Both of you are so warm, wonderful & terrific people. I'm so glad you've found someone worth your while. I wish you the best, an (sic) you have all the admiration & love I can give. You are a one of a kind, fantastic friend & I could squeeze your cheeks forever.

Take care & I know we'll meet again! I love ya!



I found this in the back of my high school year book. You can generally tell how good a friend, how much time you've spent together, by the amount of space the person decides to write. In Patty's case, she filled up more than half a page. It is clear from her writing that relationships were important to her. We had a lot of fun in high school. Surely the rest of our lives would continue to be filled with music and parties! Sadly, I never saw her again after high school.
Patty My Friend