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More Original Music

by Anne Ku


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Either too private or too elementary to share with the public, these are pieces from my More Original Compositions - in chronological order

26 November 2000

Full music scores for selected pieces are available in PDF and GIF formats.  Please contact me if you're interested.

Oriental Counterpoint 2000 London    
Drunken Stupor 2000 Houston/London    
Many Thousands More 2000 Houston/London    
One Enlightened Conversation 1999 Houston/London    
Hungry for Music 1998 London    
Barimar 1998 London    
Skeletons in the Closet 1998 London    
Until 1998 London    
Take Me As I Am 1997 Houston    
Advice to Yourself 1997 Houston    
There's a Winter 1996 Houston    
The Wrong Honesty 1996 Houston    
Just a Glimpse 1996 Houston    
The Half Moon Song 1993 London    
Plant that Never Dies 1993 Germany/London    
Wanderlust 1991 NCarolina/London    
Reunite Wine (original) (recollection) 1982 Okinawa/London    
Love and Life 1980 Okinawa/London