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The Diary
Anne Ku

26 December 2000 Tuesday







I started this online diary for several reasons. First and foremost, I wanted to discipline myself to write on a daily basis and thus become a better writer in the process. Unlike my handwritten journal which I confided in, my online diary is public. I don't know who my audience is, but I do know that my most devoted readers do react. Yasmin, for example, never realised that I could be so witty. My father, on the other hand, has spotted many a spelling or grammatical error.

Sometimes I have nothing to write about. That's when I feel this online diary is a chore. Other times, I have to many thoughts and ideas. I go against the rule and write forward in time, like I'm doing now. It's really only 16 December 23:40 GMT. But I've already written the entries from 14 Dec to now.

My intray seems to get higher and higher the more interesting articles I discover in magazines and newspapers. Last week, I ripped them out and piled them on my midi keyboard. Today I forced myself to sit down and extract from them. This started me thinking about the transformation of my online diary.

Initially I flushed out all the angst, sorrow, happiness, nolstagia and frustration I faced daily or built up. Now it has become a repository for the best bits out of the best articles. It's like taking notes. Why would I bother doing this, if it wasn't just for myself? We all suffer from information overload these days. People now seek bullet points and reprocessed information. People scan instead of read. So I'll have to keep this short to be effective.

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