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The Diary
Anne Ku

29 November 2000 Wednesday





My psychologist friend Dr N has a second passion: he brings artists and art investors together to raise money to buy permanent art for the mental hospital he works in. It's an admirable passion.

Tonight Dragoncita arrived from Stockholm and Mr B from Leicester to join me in a private exhibition of Jonathan Miller's photography and collages. Dr Miller left neurology for the glitters of Broadway. Photography was something he picked up along the way.

With wine glasses in our hands, we walked up and down the hospital corridors discussing each piece on the walls. The female to male ratio was 10 to 1. Mr B was happy.

It's almost Christmas - a time for giving. I approached Dr N and offered to play carols for the patients. But where would I find the time? I don't paint, but I play. Is there such thing as MUSIC FOR HOSPITALS?

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