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The Diary
Anne Ku

29 September 2000 Friday


All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. The more I get to know my colleagues, the more I find out about their second passions.

Work as a means to an end. These are the people who do not live to work. Their hobbies and pastimes are easily work in their own right, except their dayjobs pay more. Are they the ones that have compromised themselves to work to live?

My sister believes that artists fall into three categories. The Van Goghs of this world who struggle in the art - only to die a pauper and receive posthumous fame. Those that compromise their art - work to earn them a living to pursue the art they so love. Finally, the lucky ones whose family or friends support them - to allow them to singularly pursue the passion of their lives.

I changed my attitude a couple years ago - and decided to make music my number one priority. Out came a flurry of compositions. My confidence in my sightreading grew. But I soon recognised my limit, not just in playing but also my tolerance for uncertainty. Work brings a steady cashflow which brings the kind of certainty that would allow me to pursue music without worry - though, not necessarily with concentration.

So I, too, join the ones who have second passions. Only, I have a third passion.