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The Diary
Anne Ku

26 November 2000 Sunday





My "Suggest a Link" form is apparently quite popular and easy to use. Unfortunately, when I busy, I don't have time to evaluate them, let alone respond with a courtesy email. I finally got the time to organise them in the "Links Under Review" page.

As search engines don't always find what you're looking for, another way is to follow links from related web sites. I would expect each web site to have a LINKS page. The problem, of course, is keeping it updated. No one likes broken links.

A long list of links isn't as valuable as a shorter list of links with descriptions. The important thing here, I noticed, is to organise and categorise the links. I have thus rearranged mine from chronological to categorical.

Why would anyone want to suggest a link to analyticalQ? When they see that I've got related links but not theirs, they probably feel left out. Alternatively, they may think theirs are better than the ones I've listed.

Relying solely on search engines to find what you're looking for is insufficient for the following reasons.

  1. There's an average lead time of 6 weeks between submission of a site to getting it indexed on a search engine.
  2. Search engines are all different. So the effectiveness and efficiency depend on which one you use.
  3. Searching is an art. Some search engines follow boolean logic expressions. Some don't. How good are you at defining what you are searching for?
  4. Not all submitted sites get indexed. This depends on the meta tag descriptions and keywords as well as the words on the site itself.
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